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Why us?

Project Management expertise:
Over the past 5 yearsR.S.BUILDMARK Construction have embossed a great deal of knowlege and experiance working in on of the worlds greatest cities meaning that we are experienced in the most up-to date practices and solutions, in some of the most technically challenging projects, which have always finished a success.

As a sub-contractor we were known for always being able to see past any problems by replacing the problem with the solution, and for that reason the team have been in high demand on a number of small, medium, and large scale projects for large and small clients alike, with every client always receiving the very best on offer regardless of size or stature.

Our services are:

shutterings, carpentry, decking, wood flooring, tiling wall-floor, carpets, plastering, flooring, general maintenance, painting & decorating, gardens, sheds, fenses, drive way,  pavs and much more.

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